Koh Lanta Activities

Koh Lanta Activities. Now that we have gone below the surface of diving and Muay Thai, let us continue to explore deep into Koh Lanta’s forested heart.

Lanta Noi?

First, let’s take an afternoon to visit Lanta’s sister island, Koh Lanta Noi; here you’ll get an insight into the working life of Thai locals. Rent a scooter to tour this smaller island that sits atop Koh Lanta Yai. You’ll witness local industry in progress: workers knee deep in rice fields, rubber dripping from rubber trees, palm trees swaying on palm oil plantations and baskets of shrimp hoisted from farmed ponds.

This island is not geared toward tourism (there are no hotels), but there are a few restaurants where you can have a rest and a simple meal. The country side is beautiful and the people friendly.

A visit to Koh Lanta Noi is a good way to bring yourself back down to earth after living in Koh Lanta paradise for a while.

Koh Lanta Activities

Koh Lanta Activities


Explore The Mangroves

Travel down the south coast of the channel that runs between the two islands, and you’ll come upon two bucolic fishing lakes. Bring your tackle and cook your catch on the shore orsimply relax at this destination on the road less traveled. Not far from the lake is a segment of Lanta’s protected mangrove forests. Savor the primordial ambiance of this completely undeveloped area either independently, by renting a Kayak, or relax in a long boat on a one hour, half or all day tour.

Go Underground

Running down the center of Lanta in its arboreal interior are three must see destinations. The trip to Mai Khao caves begins on a dirt road through a rubber plantation. You can walk, or rent a scooter (to avoid!) this hike. Partway through your journey you will happen upon a simple shack with an attendant.

Purchase the tour (it’s not safe to navigate the caves alone) and continue to hike on through the forest. Your guide will lead you to the unexpectedly small entrance of an amazing and enormous series of caverns including cathedral caves, interior pools, tiny crawlspaces, and slippery descents. This is a serious hike; wear appropriate footwear and take water.

Koh Lanta Activities

Koh Lanta Activities

Back on the main coastal road near Khlong Nin beach is an interesting enclave, known as Atcha Pony Hut. Here you can book one to three hour rides on the beach or though the rain forest, stargaze with telescopes, take a meditation class or have a healing stone session. As if that were not wonderful enough, you can also walk or ride a pony through the forest from the hut, to Tiger Cave, yet another fantastical exciting adventure.

Further south at Khlong Jark (Waterfall Bay), you’ll have an opportunity to explore the jungle tracking Lanta’s infamously capricious waterfall. A gorgeous 90 minute hike will possibly grant you a glimpse. Rainfall dictates the fall’s flow, but don’t let the possibility of not seeing it deter you; imbibing the sights, sounds, and scents of this lush rain forest is reward enough.

Koh Lanta National Park

Continuing south past all the remote and undeveloped beaches of Lanta’s southern tip you’ll finally arrive at Koh Lanta’s National park headquarters and ranger station.

Plan to spend the day; there are ample hiking trails, two pristine beaches, and the picturesque Lanta Lighthouse on the point – a true Koh Lanta landmark. The journey to the park is a little perilous. Renting a scooter is a good way to get there if you take precautions.

Once you make it to the ranger center, plan to leave your vehicle, but take all your belongings or they’ll be confiscated by monkeys. Do take a picnic, this is Lanta’s premiere picnicking spot. If you need more time, overnight camping can be arranged at the ranger station.
You may wonder after venturing these excursions, how it’s possible for such a small place to have so many amazing things to see and do.

Koh Lanta Activities

Koh Lanta Activities


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