Koh Lanta Beaches

Koh Lanta Beaches

Koh Lanta Beaches. You’ve shifted into island mode and you’re oriented to the geography, it’s time to explore, but what first?

If your vision of fun, relaxation, beauty, indulgence or communing with nature is lying on the beach: You will not be disappointed by Koh Lanta.

Almost the entire Western shoreline is perfect white sand beach. Twenty five kilometers of water, sun and sand worship. Let’s take a tour.


North to South

Khlong Dao, is the islands most northern beach. Since you are likely to have arrived at Ban Saladan, Khlong Dao is the closest stretch of sand. Because it is the busiest bay on the island its 3 kilometers offer many resorts and bungalows.

Though the beach front here can be pricey, accommodation on the Khlong Dao road are more economical and only a short walk to the beach.

Khlong Dao is protected by two headlands, the beach is virtually rock free, the water clear and shallow. It’s ideal for swimming, especially for children.

Though the area boasts some of Lanta’s best restaurants and bars, conveniences and shopping, it’s not a late night party beach, thus again, a good choice for families.


Koh Lanta Beaches

Koh Lanta Beaches

Travel a couple of kilometers South and you will find Phra Ae, or Long Beach. Here the resorts are more spread out, and more are locally owned smaller establishments offering simple but comfortable bamboo huts on the beach.

The water is deeper closer to the shore, and so better for swimming. The beach has more undeveloped areas for those who seek privacy and tranquility. The area attracts a variety of visitors, it’s a good place to mix with the locals, there are community beach volleyball games, and some of the bars offer weekly party nights in the high season.

The town Phra Ae, set back from the beach, is well developed with a wide selection of rentals, shops, cuisine and activities.


Less Developed

As we move farther south the island becomes less developed, more remote almost as if we are moving back it time. Khlong Khong beach is the midway point between modernity and tranquility. Most of the resorts are small, family owned and operated.

The beach, though just as beautiful as those aforementioned it is a bit rockier and so not quite as good for swimming. However, the locals have made up for that by making the beach front unique with tree house seating and candlelit tables with cushions on the sand.

The funky atmosphere and moderate prices attract a young, free spirited crowd. This is the place to be if watching the sunset on the beach is your idea of heaven.


Koh Lanta Beaches

Koh Lanta Beaches

Khlong Nin beach

About 6 kilometers south will find Khlong Nin beach. At only 1.5 km long this beach manages to be one of the most diverse on the island. It offers huts on the beach, and 4 star resorts. Many small bars and restaurants have improvised trees as parts of their construction. The distinctive effect is charming, the atmosphere inviting.

Further south and round the bend is Kantiang Bay. Behind this 1 kilometer aquiline of white sand rises cliffs carpeted with rainforest, most of the restaurants and lodges are nestled among them, making Kantiang Bay “the” place for spectacular views. Though there’s lodging and plenty of good dining options, there’s less commercialism, the pace slower, the nightlife quiet. But if you love the vibe and don’t want to miss a minute sleeping, there’s a regular late night party; you will find it on the beach.

Beyond Kantiang bay lie Koh Lanta most remote beaches, Nui, Waterfall and Bamboo bays. Want to play stranded on a tropical island? Nui bay is accessible only by footpath, without a stitch of development; the pristine beach is surrounded by cliffs, the water gemlike aquamarine. Eden for the privacy lover.

A little father south you will enter civilization again, almost, Waterfall Bay is home to the tiny village Ban Khlong Jark inhabited by rubber plantation workers. Like Nui Bay this pristine beach is accessible only by foot, but at Waterfall Bay there are a few small resorts and restaurants. The area has a very authentic ambiance.

Finally the most southern and possibly the most remote beach in all of Lanta — Bamboo Bay, another perfect beach with only three tiny resorts. If the middle of nowhere is your goal, you have reached your destination.

Koh Lanta Beaches

Koh Lanta Beaches

Koh Lanta Beaches

Koh Lanta Beaches

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