Lanta Island Property 10 Years On Featured

Here at Lanta Island Property we are excited to be celebrating 10 years in business this coming high season! That is 10 years we have dedicated to finding people their perfect home and guiding them through every step of the way, from the search to the move.

Koh Lanta Bridge2 – Connected to the Mainland by 2023 Featured

The long touted bridge between Koh Lanta Yai and Noi hasn’t had the opportunity yet to even gain a couple of potholes, and already Lanta is being promised ‘Koh Lanta Bridge2’. This newly approved bridge will connect the Lanta Islands to the Krabi mainland...

Lanta Island Property Newsletter August 2016 Featured

Haven’t been to Koh Lanta in a while or still have yet to experience Lanta’s wonders for yourself? Another glorious high season is fast approaching, so we thought we would publish a little Lanta reminder..

Tropical Fruits of Koh Lanta Featured

Do you associate traveling to or being in a tropical paradise with indulging in copious tropical fruits? There are many more amazing tropical fruits that can be found at road-side fruit stalls, market places and shops all over Koh Lanta.

Learn Thai Cookery Koh Lanta Featured

Learning to create a few of your favorite Thai dishes is also a wonderful way to bring a bit of Thailand with you wherever you go or to show off what you know when you return to your home country for a visit.

Stay Longer on Koh Lanta: Thai Visas Featured

Whether you have fallen in love with Koh Lanta and never want to leave or you are still on a distant shore awaiting your Lanta destiny, you will need a visa.

Learn Thai Koh Lanta Featured

Knowing the language will defiantly give you more freedom and will ingratiate you with your hosts. All people appreciate a visitor who cares enough to learn their language.

The Voyage to Koh Lanta Featured

Throughout history man has traveled the world in search of a better life. Little has changed, though often in this modern world we are looking “to get away from it all”.

Thai Massage Koh Lanta Featured

After all the distance in the little minivan involved in doing your latest visa run, you may be feeling a little knotty. Luckily, Koh Lanta is a mecca for Thai massage.

Koh Lanta Festivals Featured

The moon is seemingly fuller for seeing it from an island. Its great mirror reflects on the surface of the water. It is the end of the 12th lunar month, the rains have quieted. You follow a crowd to the beach.

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