Learn Thai Cookery Koh Lanta. Would you like to be able to identify the various leaves and powdery spices you see at local markets? Would you like to turn these exotic gifts from nature into a feast fit for kings?
Most people are familiar with some Thai dishes: Pad Thai, Satay, Sum Tom. We love the exotic flavors and intricate blend of spices that makes eating Thai food a treat to be savored not only in Thailand, but around the world at an untold number of Thai restaurants found in every corner of the globe.

A bit of Thailand with you wherever you go

Learn Thai Cookery Koh Lanta

Learn Thai Cookery Koh Lanta

It’s likely if you’ve spent some time in Koh Lanta that you have your favorite vendors and noodle shops here, but eventually one tires of dining out and you may want to learn to make your favorite dishes at home to curb late night cravings, lower your living expenses or impress dinner party guests.
Learning to create a few of your favorite Thai dishes is also a wonderful way to bring a bit of Thailand with you wherever you go or to show off what you know when you return to your home country for a visit.
As always, Koh Lanta has the facilities to provide you with the skills you’ll need.
Lanta’s several cooking schools offer different styles and experiences.
Since all are highly regarded, we suggest you try them all.

Let’s cook !!

Lanta Thai Cookery, located in Pra-Ae, and Kwan’s Cookery in Baan Saladan are excellent schools with unique amenities and competent teachers giving great classes on some of the most beloved Thai dishes: curries, stir-fries and fried rice
At Kwan’s just pick what you like off the menu and then learn to recreate the dish!
Lanta Thai offers round trip transportation to the school and the classes are very affordable.
At the end of your class you get to take home a personal cook book based on the dishes you learned to make.
Armed with this handy booklet, you can recreate these delicacies time and time again.

Learn Thai Cookery Koh Lanta

Learn Thai Cookery Koh Lanta

Way of the ancients

Roi Thai’s approach is more historically based, as the name which means, “Way of the Ancients” suggests. Roi Thai’s focus is on preserving Thai culture through teaching authentic, traditional dishes. The master chefs at Roi Thai intend to pass on to you a cuisine “inherited from the ancient Si Satchanalai, Sukhothai Province, which was the capital of the First Kingdom of Siam in the 13th and 14th centuries .”
They believe culture and cuisine are inextricably linked. They teach product knowledge and they use only the highest quality local vegetables and seafood. Be prepared to learn ancient cooking methods as well as basic skills to produce time-honored recipes. You may also be interested in learning to creatively and artistically carve fruit and vegetables in the Thai way that turns ordinary carrots and pineapples into works of art. Learn these skills at Roi Thai, located in Khlong Nin.
Time for Lime is the most modern and altruistic in its approach.
Located in Khlong Dao and founded by Junie Kovac, a long-time resident of Koh Lanta, Junie turned her passion for food into a vehicle for her devotion to animals.
All the proceeds from Time for Lime’s many services help support Lanta Animal Welfare. Their cooking classes are offered in a modern, well organized facility. The cuisine is decidedly Thai, with creative license. They welcome vegetarian adaptation.
Also at time for lime: bungalows, if you wish to make your journey with Thai cookery an immersion experience and a festive bar and restaurant with renowned cocktails and award winning cuisine. They also offer round trip transportation (except from Old Town) and a souvenir apron.
Possibly the most important aspect of your experience at Time for Lime: the grand satisfaction of knowing you have not only learned something, but contributed to the well-being of Koh Lanta’s animals.
If you have the time and the  inclination: Volunteer at Lanta Animal Welfare: walk dogs, cuddle, clean, donate needed supplies.
If you’re a vet or vet assistant there are special volunteer opportunities for you. And of course if you have the ability to commit to an animal long term, adopt.
No matter where you go to learn some basic Thai cookery skills, this is one souvenir from Koh Lanta that can stay with you for a lifetime.
Take your love for Thai cuisine to the next level: don’t just devour it, prepare it with the knowledge and skills of the locals!

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