Selling Koh Lanta Property

Selling Koh Lanta Property

Choosing an agent or agents to represent your Koh Lanta property is extremely important.
It is important to us at Lanta Island Property when you are selling Koh Lanta property. Whether or not we make the sale for you, our aim is to have you sell! This keeps the real estate market moving forward (and so benefits ALL of the agents on the island). Sole agency or exclusive listing agreements are not the way to go as they limit your market exposure and do not help to achieve your goal of selling your property as soon as possible.Lanta Island Property - Beaches

By being exposed to the greatest audience, you will have the best chances of finding the person who wants to buy your property.

It has been common in recent years on Koh Lanta for some agents to ask for the exclusive right to represent and market your property. We are firmly of the opinion that by doing this you are limiting the sales potential of your home. This cannot be to your benefit in any way. In fact, it is the opposite.

Today, the internet is king in selling all real estate. This is even more relevant when selling overseas property.

Selling Your Property at Koh Lanta

Selling Your Property at Koh Lanta

When selling Koh Lanta property its important to remember with 95% of all global property transactions starting online, you need to ensure that your property has the best exposure to as many markets as possible.
Whilst Koh Lanta, over recent years, has been thought of as a predominantly Swedish market, it is evident that people of all nationalities have bought property on the Island. Recent buyers of Koh Lanta property have included Czech, German, Russian and in years to come, probably Chinese.
Because we offer more than any other broker on Koh Lanta and are proud to add all listings to our vast internet network; you have a far greater chance of selling or renting your property through us due to our global exposure, marketing strategies and full client services.
Our advice is to always consider all of your options, look at the facts and do what is best for you. We would be pleased to discuss this with you in confidence.

Why LIP when selling Koh Lanta property?

Lanta Island Property is THE industry name for Koh Lanta Real Estate, having provided 10 years of honest and impartial advice and service to the public. We have a fantastic reputation and have used this to form alliances with other real estate agents across Thailand and around the world.
We can add your property to literally 100’s of property websites; both in Thailand and to many overseas property portals. We have co-agents in Krabi, Phuket, Koh Samui, and Bangkok (to name a few) and are part of a vast global real estate network.
Keep in mind that most potential buyers do not live here in Thailand. They are relying on the internet and competent overseas brokers (like Lanta Island Property) to guide them to properties of interest that are within their budget. Our global marketing strategies employ critical outreach initiatives to attract potential buyers from the comfort of their own home, via the internet.
Because internet is king, we must be mindful of where we are on the internet. In addition to global exposure though co-agencies and website presence, we are the only Koh Lanta real estate website with a Google pagerank higher than a 1! Because of this we have more traffic than any other Koh Lanta real estate website. We are #1!! This means search engines around the world will continue to put Koh Lanta buyers and sellers in touch with us first. We do not take this lightly and do everything we can to turn all correspondence into a meaningful business agreement.
We also have initiated many, many innovative sales and exposure strategies from unique “walk-through” videos and aerial photography (and video) of our properties to empowering social media and e-marketing to drive client interest towards your property.

What We Do

At Lanta Island Property, we are native English speakers with professional communication skills. We offer FULL client services to both sellers and buyer as well as offer our clients extensive local knowledge to help them every step of the way.

Selling Koh Lanta Property

Selling Your Property at Koh Lanta

  • View property to take listing details and images (if required)
  • Provide realistic information regarding valuation for sale or rental price
  • Explanation on current market information
  • Write a professional property description
  • Upload all details to fully responsive website (Mobile Optimized for all smart phone users)
  • Expose your listing to a local and global co-agent network, exponentially increasing your
  • marketing reach and hence your likelihood to sell
  • Included on regular property newsletter to our prospects
  • Respond to inquiries and lead qualification prior to arrival on Koh Lanta (this includes
  • professional correspondence with all potential buyers/renters)
  • Collect buyer from hotel, offering advice on Koh Lanta & the Island lifestyle
  • View your property with buyer, whilst offering honest & subjective advice
  • Assist with negotiations between buyer & seller
  • Organize and manage sales reservation process
  • Accompany buyer to a professional lawyer
  • Ongoing after-sales support

How To Set The Asking Price?

It is extremely important to arm yourself with the facts and current market information to understand what is happening in the Koh Lanta real estate market today. Lanta Island Property will gladly have this conversation with you, to give you a better understanding.
To arrive at a reasonable sales price, you should firstly consider the following:

  • What did you originally pay for the property?
  • How long have you owned the property?
  • What are comparable properties being advertised for?
  • What improvements have been completed?
  • What is the condition of the property, and can it be improved easily?
  • It is important to have a realistic asking price. If a buyer sees your property advertised for a long period of time, they may well ask “what’s wrong with it”?
  • Want help putting a price on your property? Contact Lanta Island Property to get a better idea.

How To Help Your Agent Help You!

Of course it is our job to bring potential buyers to see your Koh Lanta property. We work very hard to do everything we can to get buyers to actually come to Koh Lanta and to visit your home. Remember, getting someone to visit your property is the hard part, now we just have to make sure they LOVE what they see!


Here are a few things you can do to make our job run as smooth as possible:

Your property should always be available for viewings at short notice. If you do not live in Koh Lanta year round, make sure you have a dependable representative or leave a key with us. Koh Lanta property buyers may only be on the Island for a few days. Not gaining access could lose you a sale.

First impressions count for a lot. Professional photographs and even a short video done well will bring interest to your Koh Lanta property. We are happy to organize these for you if required. In addition, one should make sure that your property is in the very best presentation for viewings.

Your Koh Lanta property should be as close to ‘showroom’ condition as you can get. Is the garden in order? Is the paintwork of a good standard? Is the house tidy and clean with beds made? Have the rooms been recently aired? It all helps in creating a great first impression.

Your garden is probably full of beautiful plants and flowers! Cut a few stems and bring them inside the property; this will provide a great aroma and look great for your potential buyer. Open all curtains and blinds and switch on all lights to improve the lighting within your property.

Have all documentation to hand: the Tabien Baan or house book, the Chanote, the original plans, and even a record of your rental income will all be useful (and some necessary) to complete the sale. You will also come across as a serious and professional seller. You may also want to find your FET document (Tor Tor 3), when you originally brought the money to Thailand, as this will allow you to send back the sales proceeds when we have found you a buyer!!

Remember, Lanta Island Property is here to assist you in the sale or rent of your home or property. We will show you how hard our professional team works for you and ask that you give us the chance to close yet another sale on Koh Lanta.

For more information please feel free to contact us

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