Koh Lanta. Throughout history man has traveled the world in search of a better life. Little has changed, though often in this modern world we are looking “to get away from it all”.
During these last 20 weeks we have explored the oceans, the jungle, history, traditions, language and foods of Koh Lanta. Five hundred years ago a tribe came upon a small island full of beauty, bounty and potential, just as you have.

Chao leh

The Chao Leh  were sea voyagers who settled lightly on the coasts of Koh Lanta and surrounding islands.
They found water full of fish and sea vegetables and jungles full of fruit.
At first they carried their homes on their boats; eventually they built small structures of local material on the beach near their food source and livelihood.
As the first people to arrive, they have suffered many of the difficulties other indigenous peoples have, namely displacement from their traditional lands – the now valuable waterfront.
Fortunately, during a visit to Koh Lanta, King Rama’s mother became aware of their plight and mandated the southern village Sang Kha Ou as the Chao Leh’s home place.
There, the people live similarly to the way Chao Leh have lived for hundreds of years.

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta


They strive to maintain their cultural skills as excellent fishermen, divers and boat builders.
Many continue to use their native language and teach their ancient dances and songs to the next generation.
Rong Ngeng, their revered dance, is performed during several of their rituals including the cleansing ritual, Loy Rua. For this ceremony symbolic boats are prepared with effigies, nail clippings and hair and the boats contain offerings of food and flowers. The Chao Leh sing, dance and pray; asking forgiveness from the sea for any infractions they have committed in the time since the last Loy Rua.
As this ceremony suggests, the Chao Leh are animists though many have adopted Buddhist and Muslim traditions of their fellow island dwellers.
People of these three diverse traditions have co-existed harmoniously on Koh Lanta for centuries.

Lanta Island Property

Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta

If you have decided to stay, you will of course wish to integrate into Koh Lanta’s peaceful culture with ease and understanding.
We can help you sort out the complexities of community values, foreign regulation, property management, and more – why, even trying to find the right sofa can be a challenge!
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Koh Lanta expat guide

We hope you enjoyed our guide to Koh Lanta, Thailand; hopefully we have explored enough subjects to whet your appetite for at least a visit to have a look around the Island.
Lanta Island Property’s mission is not only to connect you with the house of your dreams, but to help you make it a home.
Contact us and begin the voyage of a lifetime!
Sawasdee !!

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