Lanta Island Property 10 Years On

Lanta Island Property

Here at Lanta Island Property we are excited and celebrating – this high season marks our 10th season in business!  All these years, we have been dedicated to finding people their perfect home and guiding them through every step of the way, from the search to the move.  We pride ourselves on our service-oriented, innovative and impartial business model and have always offered our clients ethical and complete assistance.  With 10 high season’s worth of experience working on Koh Lanta we are perfectly equipped to advise any future clients: so ask away, we are happy to help and have the knowledge to guide you in the best way possible.

Over the years we have remained loyal to our clients and our core beliefs of honesty and integrity remain as strong as ever. Over the last ten years, we have helped many happy & satisfied Koh Lanta property owners; in fact we have even assisted property buyers who have been mis-sold by other agents. That is our determination to ensure that everyone enjoys Koh Lanta as much as we do.

We have seen many changes on the Island over the years and have seen many of our competitors come and go; but here we remain, 10 seasons on, stronger and as dedicated as ever to our clients and to Koh Lanta.  Please enjoy our newly launched and renovated website, celebrating our decade in the business and showcasing our always-innovative ways to bring the best of Koh Lanta properties to you.  You’ll be intrigued to go inside a variety of properties with our unique “walk-through” videos.  You will also be delighted by the thorough details Lanta Island Property provides for each property listed.  We share floor plans and all the technical and aesthetic information you need to help you make the right choice in ownership for you.

Lanta Island Property

Lanta Island Property


10 Years On

When we first arrived on Koh Lanta, there was already a 10-year-old rumor that a bridge was going to be constructed to link Koh Lanta Yai & Noi. 10 years on, in April 2016, we were just as excited as everyone else to see the new bridge project finally complete and the two Islands linked. Just beyond the bridge, the Krabi airport has extended and expanded over the years now handling more international flights and making the gateway to Koh Lanta even easier to access. This can only make Koh Lanta even more attractive to investors and tourists alike.
Over the last ten years, Thailand has experienced and overcome many newsworthy dilemmas including SARS, a military coup, countless changes in tourist entry options and visa requirements and through it all Lanta Island Property has been there helping clients navigate the changes.
Thailand remains one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide and continues to be attractive to investors and a great place to settle for those wishing to call the Kingdom their second home.



Lanta Island Property - 10 Years On

Lanta Island Property – 10 Years On

The future looks very good for Koh Lanta.

In 2015, according to the booking site Agoda, bookings made by Chinese nationals were up 219% (year on year) showing the face of Lanta to be changing again and accommodating more international tourists and expats than ever. The change in current tourism will bring additional and unique cultures of people to mix with the already diverse and cosmopolitan melting pot of locals and expats we already enjoy on the Island.
When you do arrive and settle into the easy pace of island life you feel it! Feel it in the sun-tinted sky at sunset in hues of pinks, purples, oranges and reds. It’s in the aroma at dusk of BBQ chicken stands and fried noodle vendors. You feel it on the breeze as you whiz around the island discovering the unique qualities and beauty of each of Lanta’s west coast beaches. Dive deep and let the Andaman that surrounds Koh Lanta engulf you in new ways- feel the ocean ripple passed you full of schools of fish or be one of the lucky ones to swim with a whale shark at one of Koh Lanta’s nearby dive sites. Feel the sea breeze caress you as you drift off for the afternoon in your pool-side hammock or after a long day of island life. Let the sights and sounds, flavors and touch of Koh Lanta remind you of why you came to the island.
Welcome home to Koh Lanta!
We hope you will put your trust in us and let us guide you through one of the most exciting and rewarding purchases of your life!

We are already looking forward to the next 10 years !!

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